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About Us

For more than 40 years, Robert B. Aikens & Associates, L.L.C. has maintained a high level of professional success, completing scores of major real estate projects throughout the United States. Encompassing a broad range of project styles and presenting innovative responses to unique demands, the Aikens' portfolio of retail, lifestyle, office and residential developments is a testament to our vision, our innovation, and our professionalism.

Aikens has consistently been able to connect retail trends to local communities, make thoughtful decisions that fully account for design requirements, and provide residents with facilities that seamlessly blend into the local social and architectural fabric.

Our Work

From regional malls and main-street lifestyle centers, to office buildings, neighborhood centers and residential developments, Aikens has an established history of developing projects that answer a particular community’s habits and preferences. Adept at crafting designs that combine ambiance and service, we tailor our work to complement and enhance the local landscape, becoming an integral part of the surrounding neighborhood.  This ability to create a 'sense of place' results in popular destinations that help merchants to flourish.

Robert B. Aikens and Associates makes a concerted effort to garner both conceptual input and “nuts-and-bolts” advice from local and national businesses, area residents, and community leaders, always aware that form and function cannot operate independently. We are as proud of the functionality and common-sense elements of our designs as we are of our bold themes, subtle architectural details and vibrant, distinctive landscaping and storefronts. We take as much care identifying the best way to optimize traffic flow and pedestrian access as we do deciding the color and texture of an individual roofing tile.

At Robert B. Aikens and Associates we take what the landscape offers us, carefully studying the local style to weave unifying design elements into our projects. Our ability to create memorable, profitable and popular retail centers that are interwoven into surrounding cities, towns and neighborhoods is based largely on this organic design philosophy. By not taking more than the community offers, our centers become infused with a vibrant energy and an intimate sense of connection to the local landscape.  It is through the cultivation of this dynamic environment that we most effectively serve our retail partners. 

Time and time again, our projects have met with financial success and architectural accolades, along with popular acclaim and enthusiasm. We are proud of our legacy, and we believe that our long list of successful projects and happy communities speaks for itself.



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